Thursday, January 31, 2013

BBI Exciting Announcements

January 29, 2013

It's time for your BBI Bulletin

BBI is excited to announce an all new membership option coming soon called Executive.  So for those of you looking to grow your business even further, there will now be three options: Standard, Premium and Executive.  Aspects of this exciting new Executive option will be released soon, but it'll be worth the wait. (Don't you love being teased?)

With the new membership option there will also be a new panel level launched, called Prestige!  There will be no colour with this panel level but rather a pattern to spruce things up.  (Matching wardrobe not included)

Affiliates in India now have a reason to celebrate, because we now have a new provider for pay outs who will be able to wrap up the bank deposit slip issue ASAP.  The bank option will be removed for India today, but will be made available again in a couple of weeks as we get the system ready for our provider there.

Regarding the panel speeds, we recognize that over the holidays they did not run at the same speed they have throughout the rest of the year, however there's no reason to be alarmed.  This is not something under our control, this just has to do with a drop in internet usage, as less people are online at this time of year, but also keep in mind, that panels don't move at real-time.  Also BBI does not guarantee any set times for panels to complete, but as the holiday season is now behind us sufficiently, traffic has once again increased across the net, and it will gradually be reflected in the panels.

Payouts have unfortunately fallen behind, but it's also nothing to worry about.  We are rapidly catching up in all aspects, Payza, STP, as well as US Bank deposits.

As of Feb 1, 2013, in order to successfully with draw funds to the BB card you will need to have proper ID uploaded to the system.  We are now completely up to date on ID approvals.

Here is some exciting news regarding the BB prepaid card.  We have moved this system over to a more automated system to quicken the process for withdrawals.  We are currently about a week behind, but again, now that the changes have been made we are catching up rapidly.  Our IT team is constantly working to improve your experiences, and we're sure you'll appreciate their efforts.  There will also be an announcement soon regarding a reverse option for the e-Wallet.  There seems to have been a little confusion over this option, so to help alleviate that confusion we have re-worded the payout 'day limit' to read 'calendar days' as opposed to 'work days', which seemed to be the source of that confusion.

That's all for now so stay tuned.  We're constantly working to improve your experience with Banners Broker International, and we appreciate your being a part of our family.

Thanks Everybody

Monday, January 28, 2013

BB Successful IC Summit

January 28, 2013

Hey Everybody

Last week, the Banners Broker International Independent Consultants and Stellar Point Inc. General Managers came to the Stellar Point Inc. office in Canada to share information and to learn all about the future plans for both companies.  The IC's and GM's had an event-filler time while they were here, and returned home with renewed energy and passion about both current and future developments with BBI and its products.  It was a tremendous success and all involved were leaving pumped up and energized!

"Every week we have been growing in the Caribbean, with standing room only at the weekly info sessions.  There is a need in the Caribbean right now for people looking for great new jobs and they want an opportunity to take on new goals.  People are excited about what BBI is bringing." Effron - Trinidad and Tobago Independent Consultant

"We have grown to over 1,000 affiliates in the short time we have been active.  We will be launching BBI to the public here in February and based on our growth, estimate by year end that we will have 40,000 new members." Leroy - Dominican Republic Independent Consultant

"Great training at the IC summit, a lot to be excited about for BBI in 2013." Paul - Ireland Independent Consultant

Ali from Bangladesh, BBI's newest Independent Consultant left feeling very excited and impressed at the opportunity and support that BBI would present to Bangladesh, and is currently in Ireland with Paul learning the essentials on building a supportive and growth-oriented Independent Consultant's office.

There are great things happening for everyone involved with Banners Broker International, so be sure to stay tuned.  This year is going to be filled with amazing developments!

Thanks Everybody

Thursday, January 24, 2013

BB Exciting News

January 28, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Falling under the category of ........ EXCITING NEWS, members of the Stellar Point executive team have been in the U.K. preparing for the opening of the new office in Salford.  Currently, the office is conducting interviews for the various positions there, but as we speed forward, you can feel the electricity in the air as the U.K. affiliates anticipate its arrival.

Adding to the excitement is the announcement that the BB World Tour will be stopping in Manchester from February 22nd through the 24th at the De Veres Hotel, connected to the state-or-the-art Reebok Stadium!

For more information on the BB World Tour, please visit

Subject to change, here's a basic look at the event:

Friday, Feb 22nd
Information session held by Mr. Raj Dixit (Stellar Point Inc. CEO) or Mr. David Hooker (International Compliance and Business Development Director).

Saturday, Feb 23rd
9am-4pm - Executives of both Banners Brokers International and Stellar Point Inc. will be there to take affiliates through training and various other topics

Additionally, you'll also be able to meet with and learn key strategies from BB Millionaires!

Following these events will be a Gala Dinner for you to enjoy and celebrate at.

Sunday, Feb 24th
Start the day off with a "Day of Information" and a look into the future for the company by Raj Dixit (Stellar Point Inc., CEO) and Chris Smith (Banners Broker International, CEO).

Here is yet another amazing BB affiliate excited to share his success.

Hi, I am Shubhobroto Sen aka Ronnie, I am located in Kolkata India, currently I am 28 years old. By profession I am an Hotelier, completed my BA in Hospitality Management from Napier University, Edinburgh in 2006. I worked with MNC companies both in UK and in India, and I was always looking forward to something more to do in my life

I got introduced to Network Marketing in the year 2009, but I was not very successful, something was missing. In several occasions I have Googled  " How to Make Money Online" and I would browse the search results  for a few hours. I have been misguided and bullied on the internet in a number of occasions and I have also purchased products a dozen times, but none of them worked out for me. By 2011, I started working full time on the internet as an Affiliate Marketer, and was making decent money from different Ad Networks. 

February, 2012 I was introduced to Banners Broker. The first couple of months went by finding answers to commonly asked questions. This was challenging as no one knew about BB in India. After getting my queries resolved, I could identify  Banners Broker is The Business which I have always been searching for, and since that day I am proud to say that I am a full time Banners Broker Affiliate. 

In these 10 months the journey has been breathtaking. 

  • Me along with Pallab Ghosal and Subho Ray created Formed a Team and named it Velocity. Supporting like minded individuals. We have Created a Momentum. 
  • Created our Team Website. 
  • Helped lot of Affiliates, who are very successful in their BB business today. With the help of BB, have been able to change lot of people's life. And Bring an uplift to their financial needs. 
  • BB has made me a Business Man, as sitting from my home in Kolkata, I have my team in 14 Counties across the Globe. 
  • Planning to buy my own House by Mid 2013. 
  • BB has helped me complete all my Short Term Goals for 2012. Including my gadgets wish list. 
  • Me and my team are now traveling all over the world, to support our growing team. 

The list goes on. 

During these first 10 months BB has done an awesome job, Improving Improving and Improving all the time. A Big Thank You Banners Broker. 

Banners Broker has changed my life, and lot of other people in my team. My Parents and my Wife has been with me from the start helping me growing my BB business. 

Key people involved in my BB journey without them, my story would be incomplete. 

Special Thanks

  • Ana Onofre
  • Pallab Ghosal
  • Subho Ray
  • Banners Broker India
  • Team Velocity

Our journey has started. Looking forward for 2013. 

Thanking you 

Shubhobroto Sen (Ronnie)

Thanks Everyone

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan 21

January 21, 2013

Hello Everyone

Recently some people have heard of a company called Stellar Point Inc. and we wanted to give you an understanding of who they are and how they are associated with Banners Broker.  Stellar Point Inc. is an independent firm who was contracted by Banners Broker to handle support, training and marketing for Banners Broker.  They are located in Canada, if you would like to learn more about them feel free to take a look at their website

Banners Broker I.D. approval staff has been working diligently to expedite the I.D. approval process.  They have eliminated almost all of the back log of I.D.s awaiting approval, and have been working on implementing a standard process to continue the quick approval rate moving forward.  Support has also been working to respond to any questions from affiliates within a more appropriate time.  We recognized people were having to wait to long for a support response and have been working to ensure this is now corrected.  The best way to seek support has and continues to be through the ticket system, live chat is also a great option but due to high volume sometimes you may not get through right away.

Yet another fantastic testimonial from another great affiliate.

I am grateful to God for introducing Banners Broker in my life.  I believed this is the only business opportunity that can offer monetary satisfaction, time, values and peace of mind.

Once I used to get angry at myself thinking about my failure.  I had faith and hope, and would try again and again, to never retreat.  On March 3rd when I saw Banners Broker, I decided now was the time to join.  Today I am not alone, many people like me have grabbed this unique opportunity to fulfill their dreams.  Today I want to share that because Banners Broker exists I have fulfilled one of my dreams, I have purchased my own car!  I am very, very thankful to Banners Broker India and all my team members and family, as it is only because of them that I am having success day to day.

"Your past is not your future, stay focused in your dream....... you are successful"

Achintya Bhattacharya

Thanks Everyone

Friday, January 18, 2013

IC Summit

January 18, 2013

Hello Everyone,

This week has been a exciting and educational time for Banners Broker.  In Canada this week all of the IC's worldwide have come to the Stellar Point Inc. support office to discuss all things Banners Broker.  The week so far has been full of discussion on BB's plans for 2013 and a report from each of the IC's on their business plans going forward.  I has been an excellent opportunity for each of the ICs to learn different business practices from each other.

Speakers at the summit have included:

General information and a run through on plans for 2013 and the direction the Banners Broker is looking to go.

On how to better present their companies and represent Banners Broker.  Also how to train and develop others.

On tools to better support your affiliates and businesses.

On Banners Brokers International policy and procedures for 2013

New training materials for 2013.  Introduction of new training manuals for staff and affiliates.

Introduction of Public Relation campaigns for 2013

Each of the IC's was given the opportunity to have any and all questions and concerns answered and resolved.  Each IC also gave brief updates and presentations on their areas progression and business plans and practices.  All of Banners Broker executives were made available throughout the week for the IC's to meet, greet and connect with.

It has been quite a successful week for BB here and abroad.  Thanks a lot to all of the IC's for attending and to the BB executive team for being such welcoming hosts.

Here is another amazing BB testimonial from another hardworking and loyal affiliate.


I am a retired individual and after retirement I had huge liabilities but with a small income from a pension.  I was at a loss, what to do? I was at a point of contemplating committing suicide.  Suddenly, in March 2012 one of my friends told me about Banners Broker.  I took this unique opportunity as a gift from God.  Now I am confident that I will cover all my liabilities within the next year.  I am very grateful to my up line mentor Madam Ana, for her help and cooperation.  Now my mission is to help millions of people and help them have better lives. 

"Banners Broker showed us a way to success"

Supriya Bhaduri

Thanks Everyone

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


January 16, 2013

Hello Everyone,

This week at Stellar Point Inc. we are pleased to welcome all of the International IC's which represent Banners Broker from all over the globe.  They are here this week for management training and to learn of the updates that are coming to Banners Broker in the coming year.

Each week Banners Broker runs webinars daily on various topics and also in several languages.  These are open to all affiliates and are available through once you sign into your account.  Each Friday Raj Dixit and Chris Smith host a webinar for Q & A from affiliates.  Mondays Grant D'eall runs webinars on various topics of interest for BB affiliates.

We have received another testimonial from one of our successful affiliates.


I would like share my sincere experience with BannersBrokers. I was looking for an opportunity and it came in the name of BannersBrokers.It was new industry and new learning for me. I will say it is worth learning, as it is the most happening industry and it gave me confidence that even without working 9 am to 6 pm job.  We can make lot of money with a company which has long term vision and mission. It has given me comfort and abundance in money and family life as I can spend more time with them and in relationships as I meet new people.

I am thankful to BannersBrokers for such a nice opportunity.

That's all for today,

Thanks Everyone 

Friday, January 11, 2013

BB January

January 11, 2013

Hello Everyone

BB is excited to announce the next stop on the BB World Tour, Manchester UK.  We will be adding more details in the following weeks but it is running during the weekend of Feb 22, 23, 24.  Check out for more details.

Here is another one of our many testimonials that we will be showcasing from now on.

After completing my MBA in Human Resource Management I worked in the corporate sector for about 4 years. After which, I got introduced to Network Marketing/ Affiliate Marketing industry through a friend of mine. The industry and its value system attracted me so much that I left my lucrative job and corporate career. During this phase of building my business one thing I realized – that in order to be successful in this industry 2 things are necessary first is to choose the right company with the right management and second is to put the leadership in place to build an organization of like-minded individuals. The quest for choosing the right company continued for the last 3 years until I came across Banners Broker. I was searching for an International company which leverages the supremacy of internet with the power of referral marketing. To be honest at first the entire presentation of BB seemed like some jigsaw puzzle and moreover to make the situation worst there was no one in India that time to help us. Me along with my core team strived relentlessly with the Help of the Indian IC to understand what Banners Broker is. Almost after one month’s effort the jigsaw puzzle got solved and took the shape of a beautiful picture. Today Banners Broker has made me an International businessman with teams spreading in 14 countries and counting. In this process Banners Broker has helped me to touch many people’s lives and I could guide them to achieve their dreams. In other words Banners broker has influenced me to bring a positive difference in people’s lives. As Zig Ziglar said, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” Today, my team and I feel blessed that we have Banners Broker in our lives. To be very honest Banners Broker has taught me to dream again. We can’t thank God enough for this.
Thank you Banners Broker I appreciate you!

Pallab Ghosal

Stayed tuned to the blog daily for more details on the BB world tour and for more testimonials and updates on BB news and updates.  If you are a member remember to check the back office for affiliate details.

Thanks Everyone

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Years

January 4, 2013

Hello Everyone

It has been a busy holiday season for BB and we hope yours was a safe and enjoyable time.  We have a few pieces of news we wanted to share with you.

As per our announcement  in last October, we are opening new offices in Bangalore India with in house meeting rooms and affiliate training rooms. An increased number of staff members to handle our growth, as well as appointing mobile Ambassadors to assist in the amazing growth in India is also in progress.  With regards to the February BB Tour, this had been delayed.  We want to thank you for the kind messages and encouraging calls that we've been receiving every day from all over India. Exciting times lie ahead for Banners Broker and all of our affiliates.

We wanted to quickly respond to news regarding the India BB offices.  No doubt you have been following with tremendous interest the ongoing saga regarding Banners Broker and our Indian operation.  So to put the record straight . .  .

FACT!  Banners Broker India is still in operation with affiliates joining us every day, and making money every day – it is business as usual.   

TRUTH! Banners Broker International fired an employee who was not complying with our Policies and Procedures and as a result started making unfounded complaints about Banners Broker in an attempt to do as much damage as possible to our operation.

FACT!   Our offices were not “raided” but closed so that the authorities could carry out their due diligence.

FACT:  Due to our expansion plans, in December of 2012 it was decided to relocate our offices from Goa to Bangalore as it is one of India’s major IT business centers with access to far more qualified employees to provide support services to our thousands of active and happy Affiliates.

We have already located our offices, architect designs have been completed and renovations will be started shortly.   So now you know the truth, not guess work from bloggers but straight from the people that know. 

 Having said all this we are looking forward to a tremendously successful year for everyone involved in Banners Broker.  We will be posting more testimonials on the website as well as giving you the details of these testimonials here.  Here is one from Arijit Chaudhury in India:

My name is Arijit Chaudhury. I would like to share certain experiences of my life.

I joined Banners broker on Feb 15th  2012. Initially I didn’t understand what it basically was except panels and its movements.

I had a very sick daughter, which required lots of funds for her survival. I had spent all my money, sold my car, to get her treated. She was born with an incomplete food pipe and required several surgeries. In fact, she is the first surviving baby with her kind of problems in eastern India.
- My daughter with the doctors after the first of several successful surgeries

I am basically from finance background, and had to leave my job, to look after her full time. That’s how I came to work online.

After trying many programs, and not making much of an income, I came across Banners Broker. Now I am in a comfortable position to maintain my family as well as my daughter’s medical expenses, and still have some spare to keep as my savings.  The only regret is that why I didn’t join Banners Broker earlier.

 - My daughter and me. It's been a long hard road.  Thanks to Banners Broker I am able to care for her and give her the best.

To be very honest, Banners Broker does not need you to know much of computers. Just the basics will do. It’s by far the best program I have come across on the net so far.

If you really would love to change people’s lives, then please share this wonderful program. It changed mine. It will change yours too.

Isn’t that what love caring and sharing is all about ?

Thanks everyone